Buck Wilde brings nature into schools with ecosystem adventures from his wilderness filmmaking assignments.

Contact Buck now to schedule an Earth Day School Visit with 20% discounts for April, 2014; open dates are limited.

The wildlife behaviorist and conservationist also authors children’s books (McGraw-Hill, Scholastic Books, B. Wilde Press).

His new children’s picture book, Three Sisters and the Wolf is a Little Red Riding Hood story from the wilderness of bears.

Elementary school visit ecosystem adventures aligned to Next Generation Science Standards & National Science Standards.

Secondary school assemblies explore the lives of grizzly bears and wolves reliant upon interconnected wilderness ecosystems.

Teachers, parents and school planners are invited to Buck’s blog for news about his filmmaking adventures and the environment.


“Buck Wilde has an infectious passion for wildlife that transfers incredibly well on to television.”

-Justin Kelly (Director, ‘Gold Rush’,Man vs. Wild’ with Bear Grylls, ‘Great Bear Stakeout’)


Buck Wilde School Visits are something more than an author visit.  They’re bluechip enrichment that’s downright entertaining!

While he’s not the zany one-eyed weasel featured in Ice Age (Blue Sky Studios), Buck does communicate with animals like a Dr. Dolittle

as seen in Great Bear Stakeout (BBC, Discovery Channel) where he ‘talks’ the big tough one-eared grizzly bear, Van into backing down.

For family events and secondary assemblies, schedule his amazing Alaska wilderness adventure Talking to Bears, Dancing with Wolves.

BEARS (Disneynature) will feature these Katmai bears to celebrate Earth Day in theaters with free educator’s guide download for classrooms.


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Great Bear Stakeout is contemporary natural history filmmaking at it’s best – strong story and strong characters – in this case both bear and human.  Buck Wilde and Chris Morgan’s on-scene, in-the-moment commentary gave insight, context and emotion that was riveting. It was like having your own personal bear guide. No matter how many times I watched I couldn’t turn away.”

-Chris Weber (Discovery Channel Commissioner, ‘Great Bear Stakeout’ with Buck Wilde)




“We’ve come to the Alaska wilderness to meet bear (and wolf) whisperer, Buck Wilde.”

-David Attenborough (BBC Narrator, ‘Life of Mammals’, ‘Bear Whisperer’ with Buck Wilde)


“Thank you again for your amazing contributions to the team – we were all so grateful for your calm, philosophical manner, your absolute passion and insight into wildlife and wilderness, and your sheer determination and commitment to help us deliver.  Every cameraperson who was lucky enough to work with you loved it – they all talked about how somehow you would always get them in the right place at the right time to get the magic behaviour. I know how – you have a genuine respect for animals and for the people you work with – and it pays off. The bears worked that out, and so did the crew. ”

-Vanessa Berlowitz (BBC Series Producer, ‘Frozen Planet’, ‘Great Bear Stakeout’ with Buck Wilde)


“First of all- thank you so much for your contributions and companionship throughout the last trip- in hindsight, to think of a trip without Buck Wilde would be impossible- you were such a central figure in helping us achieve what we wanted, as well as having us understand the bears (I think you found some like-minded individuals when coming to understand animal behaviour), and on top of that keeping camp efficient and more importantly keeping moral elevated.”

-Jeff Wilson (BBC Producer/Director, Frozen Planet, Great Bear Stakeout with Buck Wilde)


“Buck Wilde has an infectious passion for wildlife that transfers incredibly well on to television. There are no platitudes, hyperbole or insincerity in this man. What he tells the viewer, comes straight from the heart and a lifetime of accumulating knowledge about these wildest of wild creatures.”

-Justin Kelly (Director, ‘Gold Rush’, ‘Man vs. Wild’ with Bear Grylls, ‘Great Bear Stakeout’ with Buck Wilde)